26. February 2021

Welcome to txtperformer!

Many people are still completely unclear what txtperformer is at all. Is it a SEO tool? A text editor? A text analysis? A grammar software?

Well, txtperformer is a bit of all. It offers SEO functionalities like keyword density and WDF, competitor keywords and much more, but does not replace the usual SEO software as you know it. Rather, txtperformer helps to create SEO-optimized texts for SEO agencies or editorial offices.

Sure, txtperformer offers a text editor and also a few grammar functionalities. If you want to know it exactly, you even get a text analysis.

But what for?

The first real Text Performance Tool (TPT)

Since there is currently no truly comparable software solution on the market, txtperformer is best described as a Text Performance Tool (TPT). Because that is what it is really about. The txtperformer helps SEO copywriters, journalists, bloggers, online copywriters and copywriters to create texts for the internet that also “perform”. And that means that the texts are found better, are easier to read and are better received by readers.

Who is txtperformer for?

No more overpriced software solutions that offer little added value. We wanted to make a software for you. For copywriters, editors and journalists who have to write texts for hours every day. We want to make your work easier, so that you can get ahead faster and better and maybe earn more.


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