23. June 2021

Import SEO texts from web pages

Of course you can also import texts into txtperformer. Or you do copy & paste. Both are possible. To call the import function, open the right column. Click on the three bars in the upper right corner (burger menu). Natürlich könnt Ihr auch Texte in den txtperformer importieren. Oder Ihr macht Copy & Paste. Geht beides. Um die Import-Funktion aufzurufen, öffnet Ihr die rechte Spalte. Dafür klickt Ihr auf die drei Balken rechts oben (Burger-Menü).

Then the right column opens. Now open “Import” and click “from external source”.

After that a popup will open where you only have to enter the URL that should be imported.

Please note: Only the article text will be imported, not the whole page. If you want to have the whole web page text, it is best to do this via Copy & Paste (copy and paste).

How? It didn’t work out? This can have different reasons. A complex programming structure, JavaScript or something else that cannot be recognized by our tool. In this case you have to mark the text, copy it and paste it into txtperformer. This always works.

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