About us

How do you come to develop a txperformer? Aren’t there  enough SEO tools?

Of course, there are already numerous SEO tools, but the txtperformer is actually not a comprehensive SEO tool, but rather a SEO text tool. Just the aspect, how do I write a good SEO text is unfortunately not or only little considered. Instead, most software products focus on analyzing pages and keywords. At an SEO texting seminar, Ralf Schulte noted at the end that the participants would have liked to have a tool with which they could optimize texts for keywords. Most SEO solutions are only of limited use here or very expensive. Moreover, other text editors do not offer such features at all.

So the first idea was to develop a small keyword tool for ourselves and for customers. The txtperformer was born. But as it is with software development: You are never satisfied and always want more. After more than 2 years of development work, the prototype was finally ready. Done. More than 160 functions should be integrated into the txtperformer (daily growing), only about 20 are inside so far, but the development is not finished yet.

The txtperformer is a SEO tool or what?

If you need an SEO tool to check your website, to check the rankings or to make comprehensive SEO optimizations in general, you need one of the existing SEO solutions on the market. The txtperformer is a text optimization tool with focus on keywords. That means: You write a great text with txtperformer, optimize it and then integrate it into your SEO strategy. Or you give the text to your SEO agency.

Why is txtperformer free of charge?

Sure, we want to earn money too. But we also want to provide a free txtperformer for all who need our SEO text tool or SEO text optimization tool. Later, there will be a premium version, which will then also contain functions that cost us money ourselves and that we can then also not provide for free.

Who are we?

Ralf Schulte: longtime copywriter with many awards, concept developer, literary scholar and serial entrepreneur. Do you remember Schimpf-los , the swear hotline?  Ralf Schulte is responsible for everything to do with text.

Dennis Hain: “Dennis!”, many SEO professionals will now say, because they have known him for a long time, of course. Dennis is certainly one of Germany’s best-known SEO experts. He is responsible for … coffee and cake? Nope, of course for SEO – when he’s not on the phone again.

You have questions? You just want to say that you like the txtperformer? Or you want to work with ustogether? Get in touch! We look forward to you!