25. June 2021

More visibility and success – easy with txtperformer

Good content also leads to good ranking – at least that is what Google claims. This motto is also followed by txtperformer and with success. Numerous websites, which were optimized with txtperformer, could significantly increase their visibility on the Internet. Depending on the quality of the texts, some could register up to 300% more traffic.

Thanks to txtperformer it has never been so easy to optimize your SEO texts. Above all, txtperformer offers the greatest freedom and possibilities. You want to optimize your texts for 2-3 keywords, no problem. Or you want to optimize your texts for more than 100 keywords. This is also possible.

Thanks to the constant improvements, the use of artificial intelligence and many new innovative tools txtperformer grows to a SEO keyword tool that is unique. Sure, txtperformer is not a comprehensive SEO tool and nobody wants that. Our tool focuses on text optimization – and it’s really tops at that.

With the help of our SEO text optimization tool, we and our partners have managed to get more visibility on the web for numerous websites. How well this has worked can be seen from the visibility index of kita-jobs.com – for erzieher jobs.

The revision of the texts with txtperformer started at the end of 2020. Before that there was still a drop in visibility, but after that it went noticeably up. The only SEO measures taken here were the optimizations with txtperformer.

A similar example with the Rhein-Gourmet blog:

Thanks to the SEO optimization of the texts with txtperformer, the Rhein-Gourmet team managed to significantly increase their visibility on the web. And that meant: more success, more visibility and more sales.

Of course, there are many other factors that can also affect visibility: new Google updates, more links, campaigns, and so on. But we have taken these into account in our analysis.

Should you now only use txtperformer? No. As mentioned many times before, txtperformer is an SEO keyword tool or a text optimization tool. Many analyses, website checks, backlink checks are not possible with it. The txtperformer is the tool for SEO copywriters, bloggers, journalists and copywriters to create good content. Ideally, the texts are then sent to an SEO expert, who then checks what else can be optimized. And there are tools for this from sistrix, searchmetrics and all the others.

But let’s start by producing good content that can also rank well. Have fun with txtperformer.

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