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What do SEO texts cost?

The SEO text market is large. And there are already offers for 2 cents per word. That means: For one page of A4 text you pay about 10 Euro. Such cheap offers have unfortunately a disadvantage. In order for it to pay off for the SEO copywriter (or the SEO copywriter), he or she must not spend a lot of time on it. Thus, there is no time for research, for optimization, for logical connections, for grammar or for a concept. One just writes down what is expected. Copy a few texts from the competition, change them, throw in a few keywords – and that’s it.

This is why customers often come to us to have their inexpensive texts optimized. In the end, they realize that an experienced SEO copywriter worth his price could have written the whole SEO text cheaper and faster.

What should a good SEO text be able to do?

Many think that a good SEO text simply contains the desired keywords. But this is wrong. A good SEO text must be just as convincing as a journalistic article or a product page. So what should an SEO text be able to do:

  • It picks up the reader. The reader feels understood and likes to read on.
  • The text is pictorial and makes what is written become reality before the reader’s eyes.
  • The SEO text reads well, because style and grammar fit.
  • The text contains a lot of useful information that is not taken from Wikipedia.
  • Everything written fits together and is of one piece.

These are the thoughts you should think about before SEO copywriting

In order for the text to be successful, you have to ask yourself a few questions in advance and, if necessary, talk them through with the customer.

  1. What do I want to achieve with this SEO text? What action should the reader take? Should he buy, inform himself or sharpen the brand image. (Note: there are sales pages that don’t sell because the customer always needs to be advised first).
  2. Who is my target audience? How do I address them?
  3. How do I pick up the target group? What challenges or problems do they have that I can solve with this SEO text?
  4. What solution do I offer with the text? Do the readers get the information they were looking for?
  5. Why should the visitor or customer choose a product after reading the text? Especially if the text sounds the same as all the others. (Note: Write 100 x a product text about trolleys!).
  6. What advantages or benefits does the product offer?
  7. What exactly does the site, the service or the company offer?
  8. What competence does the company have in this field? How qualified is it?
  9. Are there other examples that are similar?
  10. What questions would the user like to have answered here?
  11. What additional information and links can I offer?

How is a good SEO text structured?

Of course there are different models how to build SEO texts. Journalists like to use the inverted pyramid model, where the most important (the core) comes first and then you work your way down to the less important information. This works well for journalistic content, after all, not every reader wants to read to the end until they find out who killed who yesterday.

In advertising, the reader is usually picked up first and then offered the solution. What does “pick up” mean? You address the reader in such a way that he gets excited about the topic and the information. Easier said than done. Anyone who has spent years in dialog marketing writing cover letters knows how difficult this is. Because: You have to find a new entry point every time.

We like to use our txtperformer model – the cause-effect model or challenge-solution model. First you describe the customer’s challenge or problem, then you tell what the solution is for it. By the way, this is how many commercials are structured: The kids got the laundry dirty again – how do you get it clean again? With Ariel, of course! 🙂

A good SEO text changes the parameters

As many know, Google uses more than just keyword density in its search parameters. Google looks closely at what effect the text triggers in the reader.

How much time does the reader spend on the page? If the time is too short, he doesn’t seem to have found what he was looking for.

What is the bounce rate? A high bounce rate signals that the website was not particularly inviting to read on.

How many other pages or social media platforms link to this article? A good SEO text automatically generates backlinks, a bad one does not.

What does the reader do after reading the SEO text? Google analyzes the behavior of the user. If the user continues to search for the text, this signals to the search engine that the user did not find what he was looking for or did not receive enough information.

What role does the theme play in social media? Do people talk about it and link to it? Or does the page and content not appear anywhere?

These were now only a few, important parameters that a good SEO text can change. Therefore: A SEO text must be more than good, it must convince and inspire. Who should have forgotten what Google always advises: “Write captivating, unique content”.


A good SEO text is an idea, a thought that is formulated

Anyone can write, more or less. But a good SEO text can do more. It can inspire and convince. And this is only possible if the SEO copywriter thinks about how to reach the target audience, the reader, before writing. What is the visitor looking for? What information is important? And what can he find here that he can’t find anywhere else? If the copywriter or copywriter has done the job well, you will get a unique text.

How many keywords can an SEO text contain?

Theoretically very many. But there are only a few SEO keyword tools that can do that. By the way, with txtperformer it is very easy. Just try it out.

The more keywords you integrate, the more difficult it is to accommodate them. In addition, it may be that the text becomes spongy or in the worst case even unreadable.

How should keywords be distributed in an SEO text?

If you analyze a good text or article, you will notice that important keywords often pile up at the beginning, then the keyword density decreases until it increases again at the end (Conclusion). It is best to test your text in txtperformer and have a look at the keyword distribution in our popup graphic.

You can see it very nicely in the following Spiegel Article (Geplante Memoiren von Trump-Vertrauten lösen Proteste aus). In the beginning, the important keywords pile up (high keyword density), then they decrease. Unfortunately, there are also a few keyword gaps that are not so optimal.

Keyword Verteilung Spiegel Artikel

If you were Google, what would you think about such a text? Why are there keyword gaps? Is it talking about something other than what you could guess from the title? Is there perhaps important info missing here?

A nice example from CNN über Britney Spears (Britney Spears to address court at upcoming conservatorship hearing) shows a similar picture and a similar keyword distribution:

CNN Artikel Britney Spears

Here, too, the important keywords pile up at the beginning. In the middle of the article these topics are apparently taken up again and at the end again in the summary.

And because it’s so nice, let’s look at an article from Le Monde (Accusée de ne pas avoir rendu une cassette VHS en 1999, une femme apprend qu’elle a un casier judiciaire aux Etats-Unis) about VHS cassettes that were never returned:

Le Monde Artikel VHS Kassette

Again, we see the typical keyword density at the beginning of the article. In the middle of the text there is a greater keyword density, at the end not at all.

So what should SEO texts be like?

Unique. Good. And above all well thought out. You would like to try SEO copywriting yourself. Then we recommend our SEO keyword tool – txtperformer.

You want us to do the SEO copywriting for you? With pleasure. Just ask us. We will be happy to advise you.